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DITTOLA Co., Ltd., 40 Sakhalinskaya St., Nakhodka, Russia, 692900

We are a company who is experienced in export and import operations since 1992.

At the current time, we are specialized in foods' and agricultural products' sales and shipments.

Our company has reliable partners for buckwheat, soybean, corn and pumpkin growing in the territory of the Russian Far East.

We have business relationships with agricultural products' and wheat flour's producers and suppliers in Altai region as well as in other territories of Russia.

New opportunities provided by a regime of Porto Franko in Vladivostok give us a chance to offer best price for varieties of agricultural products.

Our staff who experienced in International Trade are always ready to arrange shipments to the name of our Customer.

We have professional knowledge and skill, which guarantee safety transportation and proper delivery of the goods.

2015 Year Base Prices NOT GMO PRODUCTS!

Buckwheat 530 USD/MT 40 container (FOB, Vostochny) FIBC
Soybean 350 USD/MT 40 container (FOB, Vostochny) FIBC
Corn 220 USD/MT 40 container (FOB, Vostochny) FIBC
Wheat flour -> click for specifications <-
Pasta 950 1200 USD / MT FOB Vostochny
Pumpkin 0.7 USD / kg (FOB, Nakhodka / in wooden crates)
Salted bracken 1.9 USD / kg (FOB, Nakhodka / in plastic barrel)

for 2017 harvest price-level please contact us:

email: agriculture@ttva.ru

tel.: 7-4236-694-100
fax.: 7-4236-694-103